Scorpio France

1984-1988: The Flight

Scorpio is created by three passionate friends of free flight, creators of an integral Delta harness foldable into a revolutionary bag. At 18 years old, Stéphane DANTAND takes the head of the company and transfers the activity to Thonon-Les-Bains where he develops a manufacturing workshop.

Delta driver from 14 years, Stéphane is also pilot plane / ultra light at 17 years.

Jean-François FAUCHIER and Scott SIGAL the founders of Scorpio remain attentive to the evolution of the company....


1989-1994: Rise (or development)

In a few years Scorpio brand becomes one of the leaders in the field by producing more than 1000 harnesses sold around the world.  The workshop is growing, and has up to 5 seamstresses!
In collaboration with a pilot of the French paragliding team, Scorpio designs a range of harnesses and accessories for paragliding. Several patents are filed including one on the first back protector (cushion) for a paragliding harness. At the same time, and in addition to its own range, Scorpio becomes exclusive distributor of MCC AVIATION / PRODESIGN and Solar Wings / Pegasus for the delta.The Scorpio team develops a catalog to promote its products through a network of brand distributors around the world. To meet the demand, subcontracting abroad is set up.Scorpio supplies itself the materials as well as the sewing machines and ensures on the spot a regular follow-up of the standards of production. The company has invested a significant amount to test the back protectors... Security is at the heart of the concerns. The "Sandwich Perf" protection was developed following the results of laboratory tests specialized in crash tests (final result: better shock absorber of the market)In 1993, Scorpio became one of the largest importers of paragliding in France with nearly 300 sails sold. 

1995-2000: The years of fame

The SCORPIO team creates a multi-activity aerial platform in Cervens, on the shores of Lake Leman.The buildings include the production part, the equipment tests, a workshop, the commercial structure and the ULM storage. All the work is done by the Scorpio team. The inauguration in April 1999 was very important. The paragliders, dentists and Ulmists can find themselves in the same space. Stéphane passes his ULM State Monitorat and He gets the best results on the exam. The Paragliding market stagnates, the base is the diversification and extension solution for Scorpio to diversify its activities.SCORPIO becomes world-leading EDEL importer at this time. The Atlas, the Answer marked their time.  

2001-2006: Renewal

 Following a fire, new buildings are rebuilt. The Scorpio team is obliged to become equally competent in the building! In fact, the waiting time of companies are more than 2 years and do not allow recovery of activity quickly.  The ULM storage area is expanded. A sail of 260 M² is dedicated to the manufacture and control of sails and wings. The structure is among the best equipped workshops         (Wörner system for calibration control, Alpha C system for breaking strength of lines, New computers…) A partnership is forged with INDEPENDENCE. The ULM school is developing. Scorpio becomes partner of Air Creation (world leader of the commuter). At the same time, Scorpio is also developing in the 3-axis. Stéphane DANTAND obtains the approval of the SFACT for the training of instructors. And always a multitude of activities and projects: - Scorpio participates in the EUROPEAN CRAFT project for the development of a specific ULM emergency. - A new patent is filed on a protection honeycomb. - Establishment of a team Delta Eros France of 6 pilots. - Release of a new Scorpio catalog of 32 color pages. 
Scorpio also participates in ULM raids:    - Crossing Portugal up and down.  - A team from our base (Patrice, Erkki, Ben ...) goes to Finland from Cervens.


2007-2008: Ripening

Scorpio builds a new 540M² ULM storage shed, bringing the total storage area to more than 1,000 m².Stéphane DANTAND obtains the Mountain Label, joining the list of ten instructors at the national level who can teach and deliver this specific qualification.The 3 axis training, under Skyranger and G1 represents more than 600 H of training in the year.Scorpio is still marketing a new range of Parapente harnesses of its design.

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